Leadership Board


Barbaree Ash Duke – President
Michele Bates Martinez – VP for Membership
Lonnie Blahuczyn Smith- VP for Programs
Heidi Decker Surley – VP for Chapter Relations
Bridget Reid – Philanthropy
Betsy Jarvis – Secretary
Mindy Decker Branch – Treasurer
Ann Marie Fladeland Huddleston – Board Member at Large


President: Mindy Decker Branch (Beta pledge class 1982)
Vice President for Membership: Angela Malcolm Cope (Gamma pledge class 1983)
Vice President for Programs: Barbaree Ash Duke (Eta pledge class 1987)
Vice President for Chapter Relations: Heidi Decker Surley (Alpha pledge class 1981)
Secretary: Lucy Konop Villarreal (Delta Chapter, 1982 pledge class)
Treasurer: Michelle Jackson Deivanayagam (Alpha class 1998)
Board Member at Large: Stacey Hicks Laub, Past President (Delta pledge class 1984)
Board Member at Large: Bridget Reid (Alpha class 2013)



Please contact the committee chair if you are interested in serving on a committee.

Programs and Social Events
Chair: Vice President for Programs
Duties: This committee schedules and coordinates all Association programs and social events, including both Association-specific events and those serving the Collegiate Chapter.

Membership and Nominating
Chair: Vice President for Membership
Duties: This committee answers membership inquiries, encourages membership renewals and recruits new members, maintains membership records, and collects nominations for annual officer elections.

Chair: Vice President for Chapter Relations
Duties: This committee serves as the liaison between the Association, the Collegiate Chapter, and the House Corporation.

Chair: At-Large Board Member
Duties: This committee plans and coordinates Association philanthropy services and events. Net proceeds from all philanthropy services and events benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities unless specifically designated and approved by the Board.

Social Media
Chair: Secretary
Duties: This committee publishes and distributes event, promotional, fundraising, and other information of interest to Association members via social media outlets (such as Facebook and the Association website). This committee also monitors social media outlets to prevent or remove unauthorized or inappropriate content as determined by committee’s or Board’s discretion.

Chair: Treasurer
Duties: This committee plans and coordinates fund raising for Association purposes.