Updated Dates for ZX Chapter 40th Celebration – 2021

With the courage of a pride of lions and tenacity of woodland violets… we are going to be together!




This is a Baylor home football game weekend.  We planned the change before BU released their dates. We are going to embrace the fun, wild weekend!

We encourage you to get some sister roommates to defray lodging costs.

Hilton Family of choices (Hilton, Home2, Hampton Inn, Tru, Homewood Suites, Hilton Garden Inn) https://bit.ly/3qOv8ml

Marriott Family of choices ( Aloft, Courtyard) https://www.marriott.com/search/findHotels.mi 

Waco Vacation Rentals (houses) https://wacovacationrentals.com/vacation-rentals/

1700 South 2nd – https://1700south2nd.com/
Vrbo https://bit.ly/3rNdAbH
AirBNB https://bit.ly/2OR5u3n 


Join the fun NOVEMBER 12-13th, 2021 in WACO, TX where it all began!

 Friday,  – 6:00 pm at the Baylor Club at McLane Stadium – Happy Hour hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and SISTERS! (registration required, cash bar)

 Saturday,  – We’re planning a full day of visits, ceremonies, dinners and more… stay tuned for all the details.

  • Day time details later…
  • Evening Dinner and Catching Up with ADPi Sisters from All 40 years! We’ll be at the Lee Lockwood Library. It’s going to be a fun night!

March 14th, 2021 – Sisterhood Program Series – Self Care


With COVID, some people were forced together with family whom they may have been like “ships that pass in the night” – while others were totally isolated from friends and family.

Both extremes and everyone in between struggled with sudden change in community/connection. The lockdown placed a huge spotlight on the relationships we operate in- from our intimate family gatherings to how we relate to the world. Because the pandemic rocked everything about how we relate, our mental health (as a nation and individuals) was deeply challenged.

Anne Marie joins us to speak to our collective and individual mental health and the effects of healthy relationships. True self care cannot exist in a vacuum. HEALTHY Community is paramount!

Speaker – with Anne Marie Floyd Prewitt, ZX Sister and Professional Counselor

January 28th, 2021 – Getting Organized in 2021

Join us to learn:

  • Her organizational process
  • The basics of organizing
  • Tips and Hacks
  • How to create an office and/or classroom in your home



“My name is Andrea Gagliano and I am a recovering hoarder. As I tell my clients, I am messy by nature and organized by choice. This should give everyone hope because as Dave Ramsey went from massive debts to all cash, even the messiest of us can embrace our inner Marie Kondo! I recall a time when I lived in a tiny dorm room, my first year as an Alpha Delta Pi. My parents had recently moved too far away for me to store items at their home so I had quite a lot crammed into my tiny space which I shared with a fellow ADPi who happened to be extremely tidy. One day I came home and found most of my items, including my excessive toiletry collection had been removed and organized! A few of my sweet sisters had staged an intervention of sorts and I was horrified and incredibly pleased all at the same time. This is one of the many things that catapulted me onto the path I am on now to always find ways to improve and streamline our lives so that we can spend more time focusing on the people and things that matter!”

— Andrea Gagliano


Remembering Becky – Rebecca Andrews Christopherson, 1962-2020

“Rebecca Andrews Christopherson passed away on Tuesday, November 24th after fighting COVID pneumonia for a month.  Rebecca entered this world on August 5th, 1962, 13 weeks ahead of schedule.  Her parents, Barbara and Howard Andrews, were on a business trip to Oklahoma City when Rebecca surprised everyone and came early.  That early entrance established her as a fighter early on.  She grew up in the Houston/Conroe, Texas area.  Rebecca became a big sister and mentor to Melissa and Trent, and was well known in the River Plantation subdivision for her skill at driving their golf cart.  Rebecca graduated from Conroe High School in 1980, where she was an exemplary student, journalist for the school newspaper, and a proud member of the Golden Girls drill team.  During her high school years, she was active in showing Arabian horses.  Her prized western pleasure mare was named Zamara, and they were beautiful together.

Rebecca graduated from Baylor University in 1984 with a degree in psychology.  While at Baylor, she was a loving sister of Alpha Delta Pi sorority.  She went on to the University of Texas at Arlington, earning a Master of Social Work degree.  She worked at MD Anderson Cancer hospital providing counseling and assistance to families of cancer patients.  Her desire to be of service to her fellow man led her to pursue a career in nursing.  She obtained a BSN from Texas Woman’s University in Houston in December 1994.  She worked with great passion in the Medical Intensive Care Unit for many years. 

It was during the pursuit of her nursing degree that she met the love of her life, Chad Christopherson.  Rebecca was participating in a nursing internship at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota when she met Chad at a party.  Their daughter tells the best version of their meeting, “Dad heard someone really, really upset that the Houston Rockets game was not on television and went to see who was making all the fuss.”  Chad and Rebecca were married in December 1995.  Rebecca, a life-long Texan, and Chad spent their first winter together in one of the coldest in Minnesota history!  They welcomed their first child, Aidan, in 1998 while living in Chicago.  Bryce came along in 2001 in Gig Harbor, WA.  Rebecca was immensely proud of her children.  Her “main job” as she put it, was always being a mother for her children and making sure they had the skills and drive necessary to succeed in this challenging world.  Chad and Rebecca’s devotion to each other and to their children was evident to anyone who knew them. 

While Rebecca and Chad loved living in Washington state, they wanted to improve their quality of life and be closer to family.  They planted roots in San Antonio and built a new practice, River City Cardiovascular.  Rebecca’s heart was full, as her children and husband thrived in Texas, and she was once again a Texan.  December 23rd will be Rebecca and Chad’s 25th wedding anniversary.

Rebecca loved animals, all Houston sports, Baylor football, the Seattle Seahawks, and most of all, people.  In addition to gardening, she was a life-long learner and an avid reader.  Her four-legged family members are grieving her loss along with her husband and children.  While living in multiple different cities and traveling around the world, Rebecca had the opportunity to bless the lives of many people.  She loved to learn about the history and culture of friends she met along the way.  She saw the best in everyone and encouraged them to share their stories of overcoming adversity; it was her super power.  She was especially proud of her mom’s survival story. 

Chad describes Rebecca as a once in a lifetime person with a drive and love of life that is not seen very often.  She had a passion for helping people and served on many boards of organizations with philanthropic objectives, among them the Junior League of Tacoma, the American Heart Association, Bexar County Medical Society Alliance, and Global Pain Association.  She served as president for several and was a driving force for good.  She tirelessly gave her time and money to help other people.

She is preceded in death by her loving mother, Barbara Neal Andrews.   She is also preceded in death by her grandparents on both sides, Cornelius Harris Cox and Alice Morine Cox, and Howard Paul Andrews Sr. and Alleyne Murray Andrews.  Rebecca, whose middle name Neal came from her mother and grandfather, held a special place in CH and Alice’s heart.

She is survived by her father Howard Paul Andrews Jr. of Conroe, TX, her husband Dr. Chad Richard Christopherson, daughter Aidan Andrews Christopherson, son Bryce Harris Christopherson, of San Antonio, her sister, Melissa Alleyne Fink and husband Michael (sons Will, Grant, and Matthew) of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, brother, Howard Trent Andrews, and wife Cynthia (daughters Claire, Abigail, Caroline, and Katelyn) of the Woodlands, Texas. 

Rebecca is also survived by her father and mother in-law Richard and Donna Christopherson and brother in-law Ryan Christopherson, wife Kris (son Jacob,  daughters Shelby and Ellie) of Clarkfield, MN; and her special friends Juanita Sastoque (son Daniel Alonso), Carmen Sastoque, Judith and Alfredo Alonso (daughters Leslie and Annette) of San Antonio, TX.

Rebecca is dearly loved by her husband Chad, daughter Aidan, and son Bryce, along with countless friends, family and adopted family.  She will be missed by all who knew and loved her. “

Anyone who knew Rebecca witnessed her passion for helping others. She donated her time and talent to many worthy causes (including serving on the ZXAA Executive Board as Secretary this year) most recently as a contributor and a board member to the Global Pain Association. Memorials to honor Rebecca’s commitment to this organization may be sent to the following: Global Pain Association https://www.globalpain.org/donate.

Rebecca Andrews Christopherson with Michele Bates Martinez (2017 and 1982)

ADPi Celebrating 40 years at Baylor University

The alumnae sisters of the Zeta Chi Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi are honored to be celebrating 40 years on the Baylor Campus. Since November 15, 1980, the Zeta Chi Chapter has been proud to be a part of the panhellenic community at Baylor University.

You can read more about the beginnings of the Zeta Chi Chapter from it’s founding president, https://www.bayloradpialumnae.org/the-beginning-of-alpha-delta-pi-at-baylor-university/.

Originally called the Adelphean Society, Alpha Delta Pi is the first secret society for women in the world and forged the way for women in the fraternity system. We were founded on May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan Female College – the first college in the world chartered to grant degrees to women.

Founder Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald was just sixteen years old when she left her family to attend Wesleyan College. At such a young age and during a time when it was rare for women to go to college, she recognized the importance of women coming together for personal development and improvement. She and her five closest friends founded the Adelphean Society. In 1909, she wrote a letter to our Alpha chapter in which she states, “Whatever I have done worth remembering, I know that the founding of our society is one of them.”

We couldn’t agree more.


Our Creed

How to Carve an ADPi Pumpkin

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